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To celebrate his promotion to senior police officer, Nordin and his girlfriend Luna try to bake ’the perfect cake, for the perfect night’. What starts as a fun and affectionate activity, slowly changes into a toxic cycle of emotional and physical abuse, in which the two struggle with their boundaries and self-control. While Nordin and Luna try to fight this inevitable storm, the situation threatens to spin out of control more than ever. 


Director’s Statement

I met my ex-girlfriend during a blind date event in 2018. We immediately had a strong connection and felt very much attracted to each other. Our love was intense and profound. I thought that I had found ‘the one’. Until my ex, after a fun night out, suddenly kicked me in my stomach.


After this first incident, we were together for six more months. I later realized more clearly that during this time I was being emotionally and physically abused. It was only after I ended up crying on my parents’ sofa that I realized how far I had gotten myself into this impossible situation. 


When I told my family and friends what happened, most of them almost could not believe it. Some of them started laughing awkwardly. I felt deeply ashamed and weak. Why did I stay with her for so long, only to let myself get treated horribly? This question bothered me for a long time and made me question my identity and self-worth.


And so, it came that I started to write: to understand myself and the situation better. At first, I only saw my ex as the perpetrator and myself as the victim in this story.  But during the writing process, I learned that the situation was not as black and white. I learned that my ex-girlfriend also suffered a lot from her depressed feelings. The emotions that she could not control, displayed themselves in a destructive way towards me and herself. And that, because of the complicated nature of the situation, I shifted my own boundaries unnoticed, which allowed her to shift hers too. This way, we kept each other prisoner in a cycle that was only getting worse.


With this observational film, I want to show the complexity of an abusive relationship and the feeling of helplessness that comes along with it. By doing so, I hope for the viewer to reflect on their own experiences and boundaries within their relationships. 


Angelo Raaijmakers

Writer & director of A Perfect Night

Cast & Crew

Because I wanted the film to treat both Nordin and Luna equally, it was important to have a diverse cast and crew that would bring multiple visions to the story and always question my own perspective. As a result, the A Perfect Night cast and crew is a wide variety of amazing, talented people, that brought this film to a whole new level .

Director’s Biography – Angelo Raaijmakers

Angelo Raaijmakers (1992) is a Dutch writer and director. He graduated in 2015 from ST. Joost – School of Fine Arts and Design with his short film SAD SPIRIT. In 2017, he directed the porn film CORN for VPRO’s DIRTY FILM documentary series, viewed by over 500,000 people. After that, Angelo directed the short films WHEN I EXPLODE and I, ADONIS. His work screened at festivals such as Uppsala, Nashville, Toronto After Dark and Grimstad, was featured on Omeleto and nominated in competitions like the Silver Lynx Competition at FEST – New Directors, the Méliès Competition at Imagine Film Festival and the F3 competition in Bogotá. Angelo recently completed his short film A PERFECT NIGHT, which was part of the CineSud ‘Talents to Cannes’ program at the 76th Cannes Film Festival. 


Cast: Momo Samwel & Ilias Addab

Status: Just completed, waiting for a world premiere 🙂
Genre: Drama
Duration: 18:32 minutes
Original title: A Perfect Night
Writer & director: Angelo Raaijmakers
D.O.P: Eva Heinsbroek
Producer: Raaijmakers Films

Gorrilla Distribution
Federico Fasulo

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