Chris’ thirtieth Birthday party is turned upside down when he finds out there is a ticking bomb growing in his stomach. Bomb expert Alim is brought in to defuse both the bomb and the tension.


Genre: Drama / Dark Comedy / Fantasy


Writer & Director: Angelo Raaijmakers

Realisation Partner: Volya Films (Fleur Knopperts, Denis Vaslin)

Cast: Thomas Höppener, Claire Bender, Sabri-Saad El Hamus

Director of Photography: Joris Bulstra


In the context of: De ontmoeting

Supported by: City of Rotterdam


Festivals & screenings:

Nederlands Film Festival

Shortcutz Amsterdam

Off-screen Rotterdam

Nashville Film Festival – Graveyard Shift Shorts Competition

Flicker’s Rhode Island International Film Festival – Semi-Finalist

20 Minmax International Short Film Festival – Competition best weird film

Moscow Shorts – Official Selection best short films July

Short to the Point Film Festival – Semi-Finalist

Vortex Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror Film Festival

Madrid Indie Film Festival

SciFi Film Festival Sydney

Shnit Worldwide Short Film Festival – International Competition

Fargo Fantastic Film Festival

Uppsala Short Film Festival

Lusca Fantastic Film Fest

Atlanta Horror Film Festival

Leiden International Film Festival

Playgrounds Blend 2021

Bogotá Short Film Festival – Fan Freak Fantastic Competition

Milwaukee Underground Film Festival

Luksuz Film Festival

Prague International Indie Film Festival

Landshut Short Film Festival

Blackbird Film Festival

Limburg Film Festival – Winner ‘Best Young Filmmaker’

Zuidelijk Film Festival

New York City Independent Film Festival

Bali International Short Film Festival

València Indie Film Festival

Underground Indie Film Festival – Winner Best Fantasy Film


On the set of When I Explode


Poster by Niels Vrijdag